Cornwall Woman

Inspiring stories from sparky women

Cornwall Woman Trailer

A taster of the new podcast about cool Cornish women and their love affair with Cornwall.


The Witches of St Buryan

A Hallowe'en special with village wise women Cassandra and Laetitia. Cassandra was Britain's first ever tax-paying witch! They talk about magic spells, historic witchhunts and their black cat, a keen hunter of ingredients for their cabinet of curiosities.

Find out more about the history of Cornwall's pagan festivals, their favourite potent Cornish locations and their involvement in the All Hallow's "Dark Gathering" at Boscastle. 



The Seaweed Forager

Rachel Lambert has been teaching foraging on the coast paths and beaches of Cornwall for more than 10 years. Rachel shares her knowledge of the unfamiliar but delicious tastes, nutritional value and ecological importance of seaweed. She talks about how foraging keeps her in touch with nature and the seasons and how, in today's busy world, it helps her think about the way she uses time. Join us on a bright and blustery autumn day on a stoney beach near Falmouth. 


Alone but not lonely - Jane Pugh

As a single woman, research suggests that writer Jane Pugh should be miserable and expect a curtailed lifespan. But the richness of her creative life in Cornwall, and the enjoyment she shares with friends and family makes her happier than many married people. She talks about sea swimming in winter, how to write convincingly, and why she quit her job in TV drama. And she reads from her acclaimed short story "Life Girl" which is by turns laugh out loud funny, and piercingly poignant.


Cornwall’s Beach Guardian

Twenty-one-year-old Emily Stevenson wore a dress made of crisp packets to her graduation ceremony to highlight beach litter. It's her mission to keep Cornwall's beaches plastic free. David Attenborough is a fan. Emily talks about the wellbeing benefits of being in the open air and how beach cleaning helps her put the trauma of childhood bullying behind her.